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Pictures FABRYC Services

Discover the power of  aerial travelling with professionals of the drone!

Drones and audiovisual.
Specialized in aerial films by drone, Pictures FABRYC puts his experience to the services of professionals of the image. We try to bring new dimensions to cinema, advertising, documentary, television … in France and abroad.

Drone for surprising plans !
The drone will become an indispensable tool when you discover the great possibilities it offers! It complements or replaces a multitude of material of the types: crane, tracking, helicopter or other heavy means in management …

drome-grand-froid-fiction-avec-drone Photo : extrait du tournage fiction “Nina des loups” 2012 (avec Lambert WILSON)

I Determine a working configuration according to your project.

We study your audiovisual project together. After expertise we offer one or more configurations of work:

– A cameraman and a pilot

– A cameraman / pilot according to the drone and the chosen camera and the complexity of the plans to be realized.

II Does your project require an authorization to fly over?

Depending on the location and type of drone we use, we may have to apply to the autoritys, the DGAC and the DSAC.

To facilitate this process, we are registered with the General Directorate of French Civil Aviation. Pictures FABRYC meets legislation and regulations for civilian drones

(Cf. Réglementation du 15 décembre 2015)

Locations /Législations.

We follow downstream of the filming for the following reasons:

– We will note the possible dangers and we will study the project. If necessary we will file a file * with the services of the prefectures … The authorization periods are facilitated, it will take at least 5 days to have a return from the prefectural services.
*Subject to the signed order form

Photo 1 : Screnn shoot Google Earth – Photo 2 : screen shoot de rush pour un tournage Générali.



III Choose Pictures FABRYC drones.

Aerials videos by drone for the cinema, tv production, documentary, your architectural projects, overflights of construction sites, archeology, for institutions, tourism, expertise, prevention, events, Web, business …

A broad scope of work for high quality airplanes.


Economic and ecological !
The Drone is the unprecedented solution in terms of cost and possibilities. An electric tool for more ecology. An economic tool by the speed of implementation and the limited staff.

The staff
We can work with :

  • 1 pilote et 1 cameraman
  • 1 pilote with your experienced cameraman
  • or the most economical solution : 1 pilot/cameraman


Stability and discretion !
Our drones have exemplary stability and offer great possibilities for all the movements you need even under strong wind conditions.

Operating on batteries, the drone is noisy. It is of great discretion in relation to a helicopter or a thermal aircraft.

The interest of a silent drone:

– Taking sound possible by flying at a distance relatively close to the subject.

– Tracking animals without scaring them ..


IV Advantages of our services :

Materials doubled to ensure your performance.
By professional conscience and to the extent possible, we bring the duplicate material in order to be certain, in case of technical problem, to be able to provide the service.

The second machine is systematically the equivalent of that which ensures the shooting.

A complete service :

If you have chosen a configuration using the largest drones in our park, we are taking a third small drone to make a first reconnaissance on the air environment and the plans to be made.
Also knowing the capabilities of drones, this allows us to propose angles that you would not have imagined.

A service appreciated by the directors and a precious time saving !


Our experienced pilotes can technically :

  • Vertical camera movements up and down with virtually no limits.
  • Shots between the trees, over the water and mountains, in the buildings …
  • In short, climb up to heights of more than 150 meters.
  • Drone are statics in strong winds.
  • Flight and follow-up close to your subject / actor on long distances and in the most rugged terrain.
  • The pilot will take the Drone to the most intricate places of access.

The presence of a camera operator allows to refine the framing at the same time as the pilot gives his movement to the drone.
During the performance we provide you with a device with one or more monitor returns. The director can follow live the scenes to be realized. Live projection on a large screen is also possible.

General details on our drones for professional aerial shots :

  • Surprising reactivity time: slow moving, fluid, extremely fast (follow-up of vehicles, animals, extreme sports …)
  • Moving to more 60 km/h in few seconds.
  • Offers great possibilities for all the movements you need. Allows to turn around the characters, to follow them from the inside out without interrupting the plan …
  • Can follow GPS points.

Our drones are designed to be very quickly operational. A real advantage for your shootings especially when there are several places for aerial shooting.

Cameras, our drones meet your requirements!
They can carry several types of cameras. We offer the use of Canon 5D Mark III, GH3 … via cameras such as Sony FS 700, Black Magic … or the Red Epic, the Phantom M320 (for slow motion) …

Drone and high speed (high speed cameras).

Pictures FABRYC works in partnership with specialists in high speed and offers different solutions to realize your images in slowmotion.


Your aerial videos in high definition after the shoot.

After each end of shooting the rushes are handed to you directly. We also store them on other supports for safety. If necessary, they can be transmitted to you later.



V Useful information



Provide quality service! Depending on the weather, which is sometimes capricious, Pictures FABRYC adapts and ensures, as far as possible, a broad and flexible availability. As soon as your shooting is entrusted to us, your project is added to our schedule. Depending on the weather conditions in your area, we can put you at your disposal more quickly than expected.

Watch out for the rain! Droplets can impregnate the lens of the lens and render images unusable …

Transport of the drone, economic means !
Taking up little space, the drone is an easily transportable tool on your shootings.
No constraints of transport by plane, by car, by donkey …
Some drones at your disposal make it possible to have small luggage and thus minimize the costs during an airplane trip.


Safety is the key word when using a drone. This tool can become dangerous if misused and cause the worst scenario in seconds.
Security procedures are in place at every shoot and regulations exist for all drone providers.
We invite you to visit SECURITY and LEGISLATION for more information.