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Safety around the drone

drone à paris

If, in the case of theft (for the Push / Pull drone model) 1 or 2 rotors were subjected to a shock and had to cease functioning (for example by striking a shaft), the drone would always be able to land safely For people or objects nearby. The GPS system has an autopilot flight controller that stabilizes and keeps the machine in place, as long as for some reason the driver releases the controls.

The intelligent control base station monitors all micro processors on board the drone and provides an OSD (On Screen Display) of all telemetries necessary to keep track of all essential data.

A more or less heavy security device is set up for each operation.

Certificate of our activity manual.

ED01650  Accusé de réception d’une déclaration d’activité



Below is our list of machines referenced by the DGAC (Last update 17 July 2016).

Cerfa 15476-01-11avril 2016.

Dossier technique à constituer pour une demande d’autorisation

Annexe2 au Cerfa 15475.01-DU-11/04/16.pdf

Dossier technique à constituer pour une demande d’autorisatio


Nos titres de navigabilité en S3 délivré par la DSAC

Drones S900 <8kg
Drones HD360 <8kg
Drones Inspire Pro <4kg
Drones HD-S3 Y6 push/pull <4kg


attestation de conformite type Inspire studio sportattestation de conformite drone V5attestation de conformite au type skydroneattestation de conformite au  type s900attestation conformite au type dronevoltnormes-drone-ile-de-france