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Posted on 7 May, 2014

Clermont Community – Filming the city’s sport venues

Stade Gabriel Montpied, Piscine de coubertin, Stade Jean Pellez, Piscine Jacques-Magnier

Commanditaire: Clermont-Communauté
Prod/réal: Lines Up Production
Drone/pilote: Charel Fabry
Cadre: Jérémie BRIGOLLE
Images: Captures d’écran1939975_711186005612333_7090527553255881190_n 10253780_711186162278984_344941124906635553_n 10264926_711186232278977_6260812506882861242_n 10301287_711186178945649_7473670340647762583_n

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