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Specialist in aerial filming by drone in France : cinéma, fiction, advertising, publicity and VR 360°

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Drone professional.

As aerial video professionals, we work all over French territory and abroad .
Insured and certified to meet the regulations of the laws 17 décembre 2015.

We can operate in urban environments, with prior authorization from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, DGCA , CASD and prefectures.


Aerial videos in high definition.

Our machines can weigh up to 12 kg, we offer air services by drone with professional cameras such as RED Epic, Scarlet, and Phantom for slow motion. Small size drones are available for the narrower locations. They may ship the 5D MarkIl, 7D …  (learn more…)

VR  360° specialist by drones. VR by buggy. VR by crane and all other concept …

We are specialized in video VR. 360 ° Video in Virtual RealityOn the basis of a Drone Alta, we installed a stabilized system by Brushless motors which bring a perfect stability to the two RIG installed on the drone. The stability allows high quality pictures and time saving in post-production . 1 upper RIG and 1 lower RIG to create a sphere to erase drone. Discover possibilities of this technology.

le specialiste du drone vr

below, some examples in urban areas


Drone technology.

The drone is equipped with multiple rotors. This is what helps to minimize or cancel vibrations during the filming, and gain stability in flight. This tool allows to have flight trajectories in ” X ” : left-right , front-back , up-down . (learn more…)

The drone is environmentally friendly and inexpensive thanks to its power source (electricity). It is also discreet by its size, and quiet with its silent engine. It will be mainly used in the fields of cinema, advertising, fiction, documentary …
Our machines are equipped with a gyro-stabilized platform which can be controlled by the cameraman or the pilot. This is to provide very precise camera movements.
Our drones have the latest technologies and offer the possibility of filming original shots in surprising and  unprecedented angles. In a single sequence shot, they allow you to start a shot at ground level, and rise to heights of 150 meters and top speeds of about 80km / h. (learn more…)


We offer you the opportunity to make aerial tracking shots without limitation, hovering shots, slow or extremely fast . We can shoot in wide open spaces as well as in the most narrow passages, while taking spectacular aerial views. (learn more…)

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Professional of drones in Paris and Centre France